Electrolysis for the Perfect Elements

The chlorine generator is nothing more than a way to automate the treatment of your pool water by generating sodium hypochlorite (chlorine) through the salt electrolysis process.

graphite powder

Besides much more economy and ease, with the chlorine generator you will have a small chlorine plant in your home, just add salt in the pool and ready, the chlorine generator makes the salt to chlorine in the right dosage, to make it even easier. This comes with the graphite powder now. In addition, the chlorine generator alerts you when salt needs to be added back to the pool. The generator is a product that can be considered an investment because the price of salt is lower than that of traditional chlorine as soon as you recover the value of the chlorine generator.

How does the chlorine generator for swimming pools work?

It may seem complex at first but it’s not as difficult …

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