Canister or upright, which vacuum cleaner you should go for

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It’s a fact that if you consider the sales figure and popularity, there’s one clear winner – upright vacuum cleaner. In recent years, upright vacuums became more and more attractive in design, hence often people buy them only for that modern good-looking design too. But vacuum cleaners are no showpiece, they have a purpose to serve, which is cleaning. Cleaning is no joke, specifically when it comes to clean the larger surface with more dirt and debris. Hence a vacuum cleaner must be sturdy enough to handle this daunting job efficiently and should be portable enough at the same time. And when it comes to durability and maneuverability, canister vacuum cleaner come in mind at first. For an in-depth review of some of the best canister vacuums in the market, check here please: . So, let’s check out if we really need a heavy-duty canister vacuum for our household, or we can do well with an upright one without any problem.

Price is one important factor when one chooses a vacuum cleaner. An upright vacuum from which is most pricey in its segment would be much better in performance and nearly everything else than a budget canister vacuum cleaner in the same segment, and vice versa.

Today, a vacuum cleaner is not only about cleaning something, but it’s also more about cleaning something by the particular vacuum made for that exact kind of surface. Previously, surfaces used to be simple and mostly rugs or carpets in an average American household.  But right now, there are many types of surfaces, like laminated, hardwood, vinyl, marble, tile, etc. So, today’s vacuum cleaners should be an all-around performer in every kind of surfaces, or at least most kind of surfaces. They need to be powerful enough to work for those large places, also at the same time need to be lightweight for convenience during long operating time.

Canister Vacuum Cleaner: why it’s a safer choice?

Performance: Canister vacuum cleaners are specifically made for the long haul, they are designed and engineered with the only purpose in mind – performance. If you’re looking for performance, and at the same time reliability, the canister should be the safest choice. No matter how large your household is, a canister can do its job without breaking a sweat and more efficiently than an upright vacuum. And canisters have a long cord, therefore cleaning those staircases would be no problem. And if your home has multiple kinds of surfaces, canister vacuum comes with different attachment just to tackle that. Though canisters do not come with brush roll mechanism unlike its upright counterparts, they have more powerful motors – hence they can apply more suction power to compensate that brush roll function. Despite those big motors, canisters are surprisingly quiet – thanks to its sealed design which can isolate the motor noise inside successfully.

Easy to handle and operate: Canisters are easier to handle, period. Though not quite lightweight, with long hose and cord, they are easy to manage while cleaning. They come with wheels, so maneuverability is never an issue. Also, corners, underneath of your bed and wardrobe, behind curtains – thanks to canister’s long hose, cleaning those tricky areas would be a breeze.