Choose your hen party events

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Party is trend and party is the essence of every celebration. Party is a part of every wedding celebration. Men host bachelor party for friends just few days before their wedding. The same trend is also found among women. The party hosted by a bride for her female friends just before her wedding event is called a hen party. Hen parties are for women who are about to get married. They invite their female friends to the party. Hen party is very famous among modern generation and every bride-to-be has her own dreams and expectations about her hen party.

hen party events


Most of the hen party events are exciting and fun filled. It is important for a bride-to-be to plan her hen party well so as to enjoy it complete with her other friends. Planning hen party events needs a lot of research and work. Here are some popular hen party events for everyone who is planning to arrange a hen party.


  1. A movie show : Do you enjoy watching movie with your girls? Then, that can make a perfect idea for your hen party. You can always choose a private movie screening exclusively for your team and enjoy it with your friends which can be followed by live band party or a DJ music with chilled cocktails of your choice. This must give you and your friends a wonderful hen night.


  1. Get trained in Cookery classes : If you and your gang are foodie and very crazy about trying out on different dishes you can always choose a day with a professional chef. You get to enjoy different variety of foods and drinks and along with that you can also get some hands on experience on how to get everything set in your kitchen in your initial days of kitchen experience.


  1. A farm visit : An outing to a distant farm with your friends can make it the best memorable moment of your life. To spend some quality time with your friends in the midst of the nature can be a great experience. You can plan many activities in the farm like milking the farm animals, feeding them, treasure hunt games, hen chases etc. You can also have a wonderful photo session in the midst of nature with your friends and the cute pets.


  1. Adventurous activities : A hen party can be great with some action packed adventurous activists which engage you and your friends completely. A wild run in a new place, some trekking or water games, mystery hunt or treasure hunt activities can all give you an action packed day. If you and your gang is adventure loving then never forget to arrange a adventurous day for your hen party.


The success of a hen party completely depends on your plan. Always plan some interesting activities that entertain you and your gang so that your hen party will be a memory to cherish for long time. You may always include the ideas of your friends to make them feel great.