Cost Efficient Options for the Best Energy Efficiency Now

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The highest costs, annually, are some that you do not notice. Once you start to keep an eye on him, you realize how much energy and money you lose each time. Thus, in a period with more and more devices connected to the electricity grid, you can have, in a few simple steps, an economy strategy. At the same time, you can extend your care to how you maintain easily damaged goods. You can Click Here for more here and learn even more.

In this sense, for example, if you wash your clothes at 30 degrees, you can save up to 60 dollars per year in energy. Another 60 dollars can come from the use of economic light bulbs. Moreover, a smart meter helps you keep track of your expenses and see where you are losing money. A valuable advice is also the use of air conditioning. In order not to be too warm in the house, shutters or blinds can be used.

When it comes to electronic equipment, if you choose them carefully, you will achieve energy savings of up to 60% just check the EU energy label. For many electronic devices, if you do not use stand-by mode, you can save up to 180 dollars per year. A thermostat set with a lower grade will invoice up to 10% per year.

Tips for water economy

An economic shower head, with a flow regulator, can lead to an economy of 15 dollars per month. If you reduce the time spent daily in the shower with just three minutes you can save up to 115 RON per person per year. All smart devices are so clever that they consume power even when not in use. Moreover, a study shows that devices that are connected to the internet inflate invoices substantially, even if they are for nothing.

An electronic device left in stand-by consumes between 40% and 70% of the energy it would consume if it worked, which could translate to a 180 dollars paid annually, in addition, to the current. In this sense, the best solution to avoid unnecessary energy consumption would be to unplug all appliances and electronics from the TV, PC, freezer, game console, which you do not use. This way they will no longer consume electricity and your wallet will thank you.

For example, a TV that is always plugged in consumes 48 kW annually. So, when you leave home in the morning and come back late at night, it is advisable to unplug the TV. You must do the same when you leave for several days on vacation.

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But the biggest consumer in your home that inflates the bill even when it’s not in use is the kitchen boiler. It records consumption of 142 kW per year and therefore it would be advisable to unplug it when not washing the dishes.

How much other appliances are consumed when in stand-by

According to the calculations made by specialists, a Wi-Fi system consumes around 30 kW per year. To avoid this, turn off the system when you leave home.