Debit Card Applications: Most Important Information

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The popularity of bank debit cards with onevanilla check balance is largely due to the fact that in most cases an extremely simple procedure for processing them is applied. Usually it is a set of simple client actions:

  • Bank selection based on the proposed conditions and existing requests and requirements
  • A visit to a bank branch or filling out an application online on the website of a credit institution
  • Receiving a plastic card.

Naturally, during registration, the client is provided with an appropriate agreement that contains the service charges established by the issuing bank.

Making a debit card online

An increasing number of various operations in modern conditions are carried out using the Internet. This is easily explained by the fact that this approach saves a lot of time. In addition, it is much more comfortable and convenient than the usual procedures, which require the personal presence at the bank office and manual filling in of various documents. The vast majority of bank customers do not experience problems with access to the Internet, so they try to conduct all operations online, which is quite logical and appropriate.

Filling out an application

An application for a debit card is a small form. The degree of detail is determined by the type of plastic selected by the client. Obviously, when issuing a free instant issuance card in bank, such a production takes 10 minutes, the bank asks for a minimum of information. If you want to get a more functional product, the client must provide the following information:

  • Name, phone number and email address for communication
  • Name indicated on the card
  • Passport details and registration address, as well as actual residence.

In addition, the bank in some cases asks for the type of activity of the client and, almost always, asks for a code word.

Receiving a debit card

After the card is made, the bank employee contacts the client by phone or by e-mail specified in the application. Currently, there are two ways to get a card: by personal visit to the branch of the issuing bank or by delivery using various courier services. As a rule, the choice of method depends on the level of the issued financial instrument. It is obvious that the simplest and least functional cards are irrational and simply unprofitable to deliver by courier.

Debit cards of different banks

Almost all domestic banks issue a wide variety of debit cards. Their number is large enough, which complicates the choice of the most attractive and profitable option. In addition, clients can focus on different characteristics of the financial instrument under consideration: for one, the minimum cost of servicing is required, for the other, the highest percentage accrued on the balance, etc. is preferable. In view of the above, the most popular types of debit cards at the moment is:

Accrued Debit Cards

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One of the parameters inherent in a large number of debit cards is the ability to accrue interest on the balance of funds available on it. This is an important advantage that customers primarily pay attention to when they choose the type of payment instrument in question. The table above shows examples of several cards with this feature. The amount of accrued interest is usually lower than for deposits. However, it should be borne in mind that the funds on the card, the client has the ability to withdraw at any time, which is unrealistic to do with bank deposit money.