Deciding on the coating of the roof

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When you get a seamless surface to do the coating, it is easy to put the sealant in place, it acts a water proofing material and will not allow moisture to reach beyond that point and go further into the structure and cause havoc to the building. If all the leaks are properly fixed before putting in the coating of sealant, you have now a definite layers of water proofing done for you. This will increase the lifespan of the roof for a good many years. The coating part will be decided by the roofer who see and judge whether your roof is ideal for coating or not. He/she may suggest whether there are issues that have to be rectified before you can go ahead with the coating, or the roofing has to be restored or replaced due its poor condition and then you can think of coating to prevent future maintenance problems. Make use of Silicone Roof Coating .

how it is applied

Coating of the roof is just like adding a membrane on top of it. It will have certain elastic properties that give the flexibility to stretch yet retain the original shape without the damage. The thickness applied during coating depends on the applicator and the person applying it. It kind of gives the required protection from rain, wind, hail and other damages that the climate may impose. If these coating are done with perfection, then you  will have a seamless roofing for your structure. The roofer will guide you and help you decide which kind of sealant to be used, if you are using the cool coating on the shingles of the existing roof structure, it would lead to water accumulation during rainfall or dew which will not dry off because of the coating. Hence they would advise against this.

There are coatings that you can look forward such as the field applied reflective coatings which is for all kinds of weather. The asphalt shingles and built up composition roofs have to be coated cautiously. Better methods are evolved, and the coatings are done easily. There are now elastomeric roof coatings which claim to last a life time. They are said to be good for keeping the temperatures low during the summers and reflect a good quantity of light, thus reducing energy bills and keeping the interior cool during the hot summer days.

Different materials used for coating

This coating had the rubber like properties which expands and contracts as per the surface it is applied on. This would cause cracking over a period of time but this to happen would take a couple of decades and then you could go in for better roofing plans. But the newer versions of the elastomeric coatings you can guarantee the user the life time of warranty. An occasional cleaning will make it good as new each with a power washer every decade or so.

Silicone Roof Coating

The acrylic coating is usually water based and is made of acrylic polymers which are known to be

  • Flexible
  • Impermeable
  • Tolerant to movement at lower temperatures
  • Elastic

All the above properties make it ideal for roof coating. It forms a solid crust on the roof structure without any visible seams to give away which is good and thus not allowing the accumulation of water during the rains and otherwise.