Duties and responsibilities of immigration lawyers

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Duties and responsibilities of immigration lawyers

immigration lawyers

There are many immigration issues an individual may face regarding the immigration laws of the UK. These issues may be related to getting proper visas, and naturalized status along with deportation and removal proceedings. If the individual contacts one of the popular immigration lawyers, he can help him in dealing with all such situations. These lawyers can help an individual to become the citizen of a country, getting visas to work, getting a work permit, getting a student visa to study in the UK, and many other reasons.

Duties and responsibilities of immigration lawyers

Immigration law is a very special type of field, and the lawyer needs to have a thorough knowledge in the field of employment, citizenship, and immigration. This is the reason that they are different from other lawyers. Cases related to immigration takes less time. The duties of the immigration lawyers are listed here.

  • Obtaining visa related to employment
  • Obtaining permission for foreign citizenship
  • Matters related to rejection and deportation
  • Establishment of foreign organization in the UK
  • Obtaining work permit and residence permit
  • Providing assistance in case of trafficking, international adoption, etc.
  • Providing assistance to an individual who is convicted of a crime
  • Filling the application for an individual who wants a refugee status

If the companies in the UK want employees from foreign, immigration lawyers help them in getting work visas for the employees. They also help in the completion of all the documentation and guide the companies by telling them about immigration and citizenship laws.


An immigration lawyer has to deal with cases related to immigration like getting UK citizenship, staying in the UK for a specific reason like job or education, or other matters related to immigration. An individual who wants to become an immigration lawyer in the UK must join the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives. A law or a bachelor degree is not needed in such a case.  But if the individual has a law degree, he can get qualified easily in comparison to the ones who do not have the degree. In the institute, the individual has to go through academic training and then work under a senior authority who can be a senior solicitor, senior legal executive, barrister, or licensed conveyancer.


The lawyers need to get a license in order to practice the cases related to immigration. People should always approach licensed lawyers in order to discuss their problems and find solutions. Non-licensed ones are mostly fake, so people must confirm whether the lawyer they are approaching is licensed.

Skills present in an immigration lawyer

An immigration lawyer should have many skills that will help him in dealing with the problems of his clients. Some of the skills are

  • Talking effectively
  • Active listening
  • Critical thinking
  • Decision making
  • Active learning
  • Time management

Wrapping up

A candidate who wants to become an immigration lawyer should possess a lot of skills besides education. These skills will help him in resolving the problems of his clients and also make a good career.