Electrolysis for the Perfect Elements

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The chlorine generator is nothing more than a way to automate the treatment of your pool water by generating sodium hypochlorite (chlorine) through the salt electrolysis process.

graphite powder

Besides much more economy and ease, with the chlorine generator you will have a small chlorine plant in your home, just add salt in the pool and ready, the chlorine generator makes the salt to chlorine in the right dosage, to make it even easier. This comes with the graphite powder now. In addition, the chlorine generator alerts you when salt needs to be added back to the pool. The generator is a product that can be considered an investment because the price of salt is lower than that of traditional chlorine as soon as you recover the value of the chlorine generator.

How does the chlorine generator for swimming pools work?

It may seem complex at first but it’s not as difficult as it sounds, just understands what electrolysis is.

It refers to the change of state by means of an electric current in a liquid system. This medium may be an ionic solution (aqueous electrolysis) or a fused ionic compound (igneous electrolysis). What is common between the two types of electrolysis is the presence of ions.

Note: But calm down, this process takes place only inside the chlorine generator, ie it does not pose any risk to bathers.

Chlorine generator cycle

Salt electrolysis process for pool treatment:

Common salt is added to pool water at a rate of approximately 4 grams per liter of water (a ratio ten times smaller than that of sea salt and very similar to that of a tear)

Once dissolved, an electrical current (generated by the electrical panel) is applied to the electrolysis cell, converting the salt into chlorine and thus obtaining the necessary disinfectant for pool water, which destroys any microorganisms that may exist in the same.

Once the chlorine has fulfilled its function as a disinfectant, it becomes salt again because the salt concentration remains constant and only replacement is necessary due to the loss that occurs as a result, for example, of filter washes.

What are the main advantages of Chlorine Generator:


  • Produces chlorine automatically
  • Eliminates the constant application of traditional chlorine


  • Prevents algae formation
  • Always clean, healthy and crystal clear pool water


  • Eliminates the possibility of the wrong dosage of traditional chlorine
  • Eliminates the need for transportation of chemicals


  • Nice bath feeling for the user
  • Less dry skin
  • Does not irritate the eyes Ecological product.

What is the best chlorine generator for swimming pools?

There are several models and brands of salt-based chlorine generators, it is noteworthy that to choose the perfect chlorine generator for your pool you must take into consideration:

Pool Volume x Chlorine Production per Hour

We also calculated the number of bathers they use (because for collective pools a more powerful model is needed)


  • Nautilus EasyClor G-4 Chlorine Generator Model 15 AL – Residential (with volume from 35,000 to 58,000 liters) Commercial (with volume from 23,000 to 38,000 liters).
  • Nautilus EasyClor G-4 Chlorine Generator Model 25 AL – residential (with volume from 58,000 to 96,000 liters) (from 38,000 to 54,000 liters).

Astralpool Fluid

  • Chlorine Generator BZ 15 or Chlorine Generator APR 15 (timer version)
  • 15 gr / h from 30 m3 to 50 m3
  • Chlorine Generator BZ 25 – 25 gr / h from 50 m3 to 96 m3