Essential Options for the Best Shoes Now

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Feet wear you throughout your life, and if you can save on blouses, dresses and trousers without harming your health, then you can’t save on shoes. Remember the feeling if you rubbed an ear of corn, or sweated your foot, or got tired on a hard heel, or when you felt every pebble, every unevenness with your feet through the sole. This greatly affects your well-being, mood and health. Therefore, no matter how beautiful shoes from cheap patent leather on a stunning hairpin may be, it is better to forget about them. In addition, bad shoes are a risk not only for the legs, but also for the back, pelvic organs, and nerve nodes. Take care of your health. With the antelope fashion shoes now you can find the best deals now.

What shoes to buy?

Sports shoes should only be bought at sports stores. It does not have to be expensive from the latest fashion collections. Look closely at sales, company stocks, and stocks from manufacturers and sellers. The main thing is a high-quality fixation of the ankle, support of the arch of the foot, the necessary ventilation and cushioning system.

Everyday shoes should have a comfortable shoe and a low heel 3-7 cm, a sufficiently elastic sole alas, roads in our country are not the best boardwalk and must be made of natural materials leather, suede. Otherwise, being in such shoes for more than 2-3 hours is simply unhealthy. The skin should breathe, fingers should be in a natural position do not squeeze, do not curl and do not fall.

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Shoes on the way out you can afford at a higher heel and less comfortable. But think about whether that beauty is worth your suffering. Do you often, having come after the festive evening, throw off your shoes and stretch your legs with pleasure? Believe me, in comfortable shoes you will look and dance much easier and more fun than in a fashionable vice. Therefore, choosing evening shoes take care first of all of your convenience, and already in the second about beauty. And then you will find a compromise.

When to buy

It’s no secret that by the end of the working day the leg swells slightly. Therefore it is better to go for shoes in the evening and on a weekday and not a day off. But there is one more urgent moment for girls. The phase of the cycle also affects fluid retention in the body. Therefore, the optimal time for making a shoe purchase is a week and a half after ovulation, that is, about a week before the onset of menstruation. A little trick of fashion models in shoes, which is slightly larger than the required size and larger than the foot, the foot looks neater and smaller.

If you are going to buy shoes not only sports, but also shoes, take for fitting not knitted, but knitted socks. So you better feel the feeling of long-term wear of shoes and understand how comfortable it will be to remove and wear it. When purchasing shoes for sports, do some control exercises in it: steps, jumps, lunges, turns, etc. depending on the specific sport you are involved in. Also check the quality and strength of the lacing, the convenience and speed of changing clothes.