Fast and Effective Options for Junk Car Removal Now

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In our country, as in most neighboring countries, private companies are engaged in the disposal of vehicles. The services they offer for the evacuation of cars from parking lots, the analysis and sorting of components are too costly for most owners unsuitable for car use. Therefore, the procedure for the elimination of old automotive technology is progressing at a slow pace. In this situation, it is advisable to take advice on the disposal of old cars. For the junk car removal this is important now.

From the moment the state program for the disposal of old cars comes into effect, new recycling companies appear, therefore, depending on the specific circumstances, owners of unusable cars have a choice when drawing up an agreement on the liquidation of an old car.

Why is it better to contact us?

Our company, which offers services for the disposal of vehicles, has been confidently working in this market for many years.

The company staff consists of only highly qualified specialists and managers who will help you decide on the procedure for getting rid of a burdensome car and the possibility of receiving discounts from the state for the acquisition of a brand new, reliable, comfortable and cost-effective vehicle.

junk car removal

The car you traveled for more than ten years is no longer reliable. Here the rapids have rotted, half of the bottom has not been around for a couple of years, the engine hit no matter how sad it sounds, the moment has come for parting. There is a choice where to put it, because in the market it costs a penny, and who will buy it in this condition. A car recycling program will come to the rescue, and the owner will be issued with the appropriate certificate for the purchase of a new iron horse.

Why was the car recycling program introduced?

For the first time in this country, the project was implemented and was extended every year. Car recycling is aimed at achieving several goals at once. The first goal is to increase road safety because it is very unsafe to drive in old cars. The second is to stimulate the domestic auto industry market and support the domestic manufacturer. The third is to improve the environmental situation in the country, firstly, old cars do more damage to the air than new ones, and secondly, you need to put an old car somewhere and not drive it to a landfill. The essence of the project is that a car owner who has a car older than 10 years after receiving it for recycling receives a special certificate in the amount of 50,000-350,000 dollars.

Since 2010, a lot has changed for the program:

Now money is given in the form of subventions to regions that themselves pay cash compensations to car factories. It depends on the sales results of the year. Both individuals and legal entities can participate in the program leasing companies are included here. In addition to passenger cars, buses and trucks can be handed over for recycling. The list of car factories that participate in the program has been expanded. When it was first introduced, only one brand participated, Now Renault, Nissan and other brands are connected.