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Special abilities can only be used by players who have attained a corresponding level of mastery. At the first level, rapid-fire is accessible. Every time we like to make plans with our crew and family. Among all the fun plans that we can find in the Country, there is one that is imposing itself on others: the laser tag. We find in this fun game an option for all ages, perfect for any season of the year and designed for many players. Three perfect ingredients to become fashion activity. Do you want to know how to become the best player in a laser tag singapore game for your team?

Wears dark

The first and most important of our recommendations to play laser tag if you do not want to become the perfect target of all your rivals. Keep in mind that the game court is black and only illuminated by neon lights that will make your white shirt become a beacon in the darkness of battle. So you better find a good black t-shirt and prepare to defeat the enemy.

Aim for the places that score the most

The objective of the laser tag is to get as many points as possible, therefore, it is essential that your team knows which the places that score the most are. The first of them, although also the most complicated, is the base of the rivals, this will give the player who manages to destroy it 2001 points. Although it may seem ugly, shooting your opponent in the back will give you 100 points and if you manage to hit your gun, you get 50 points.

Don’t make too much noise

It sounds like obvious advice, but you’ll forget it as soon as you step foot in the sand. The laser tag is a game in which the vision is not too optimal, due to the darkness that reigns on the playing court, so trying to make as little noise as possible is the way to avoid shooting.

Find the best hiding place before anyone else

If you are a veteran of the laser tag, you will already know the sand and you will know how important it is to get the best hiding place. If you are a novice in the game, we recommend finding a good hiding place from which you can monitor your footsteps and shoot without attracting too much attention. If you do not find him from the first moment, you can always take a walk around the arena and find your place.

Don’t run aimlessly

Better yet: don’t run. Remember that you are in an almost dark space, with different obstacles and levels. Running can be dangerous.

Don’t stay still for too long

Remember that you will play against several opponents, so you cannot relax while the game lasts. If running isn’t a good idea, standing still isn’t an option either. You will become one of the targets for your rivals, who can corner you with ease. Don’t forget: move, don’t relax.

Count on your team: obstacle course laser tag starting lights

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The laser tag is a team game, so don’t forget the rest of the players who are in the arena with you. You must be able to find a defense and attack plan in which everyone has a leading role and can contribute and have fun.