Flues and asbestos cement for Your Requirement

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The most classic of asbestos removal and disposal processes. If the chimney is perfectly intact, it can also be used. But if there are damages, there is a risk of asbestos dispersion, and it is necessary to proceed with the reclamation which often results in the removal and disposal of the chimney. With Surrey asbestos removal option this is the best deal now.

Asbestos cement water tanks

Another typical artifact of those years was the water tanks found on many roofs of our houses. The rule is always the same if the tank has no damage; it may not be dangerous. But considering that it is outdoors and is subject to weathering and generally has many years, the risk is to be assessed. A water tank with damaged or worn asbestos is dangerous, and removal and disposal are recommended.

Asbestos-cement planters

In the case of planters, we do not run any risk if they do not present any damage. But if they are damaged, for example, to make a hole for water to drain, they take a shot that splinters, or with a grinder they become dangerous because we have a release of asbestos fibers.

Asbestos cement tiles

Surrey asbestos

A roof with tiles or a facade with slabs is a typical application of those years. The risk is similar to coverage. That is, if there is no damage whatsoever, there is no danger. But even cleaning work with pressure washers is enough to damage them. Not to mention drilling or another job. Any processing raises the risk of dispersing asbestos fibers in the air.

Pipes and Pipes in asbestos cement

Once upon a time, they used to paint or bitumen with spray asbestos and not just the pipes or pipes. You may have them in a garage where you have suspended pipes. The criterion is always the same if they are damaged or damaged by any work they are dangerous.

Mortar for the insulation of pipes with jute and asbestos

To insulate the pipes, the mortar was often used wrapped in a layer of jute or jute. In those days, to make the jute more resistant to fire and water, it was used to mix a low percentage of asbestos. The material deteriorates over time, so it is very likely that insulated pipes with mortar and jute are damaged. Clearly, it is a danger because we release asbestos fibers. Check that it is highly probable that there is damage even just due to the passing years.

Insulations for boilers with asbestos insulation   

To insulate a boiler, insulation was often used covered with metal sheets with asbestos. If the insulation material is intact, the release of fibers is low. But any intervention is enough to release large quantities of dangerous fibers. Aging also deteriorates the material placing great attention.

Vinyl-asbestos floors

For a time, it was common to have many things with plastic like PVC or vinyl material. In particular, in public buildings, gyms, hospitals, we all remember them. The floor was covered with these strips of vinyl or PVC or even with square slabs, e.g. 25 x 25 cm. These floors contain asbestos. If the floor is completely intact, there are no problems, but if there are damages or if it is removed, many asbestos fibers are released.