How do I use a refillable e-cigarette?

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An e-liquid usually consists of these ingredients: propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, nicotine, food flavorings, and water. Refillable vaporizers are of course more complicated than a disposable e-cigarette, and it can be beneficial if you know someone who knows who can show you the process the first time. But if you do not have a problem with a little detail, Juul Starter Kit systems are definitely a good choice, and your use is easy to learn.

The Start:  When you get your starter kit, the battery is often already charged, but sometimes it is worthwhile to fully recharge it before use to increase the overall battery life. The first step is to fill your e-liquid in the tank. Unscrew the evaporator, use the filling needle of your e-liquid bottle and fill the e-liquid into the evaporator tank. Then screw the vaporizer back on and on the battery. (For more information on refilling the e-liquid, see below). The e-cigarette is now ready for use, but you should let it stand for a few minutes so that the e-liquid has time to spread in the wick of the evaporator head. If the wick is not properly soaked, you risk burning it.

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The first move:  Hold the cigarette with the mouthpiece facing upwards to prevent the e-liquid from leaking. This does not happen frequently with modern systems, but it is a possibility. If your battery has an on or off function, switch it on. Then hold down the button and pull on the e-cigarette like a regular cigarette.

When do I charge the battery?

Many batteries have an indicator for the battery level. Otherwise, you will notice that your battery can no longer be activated. If possible, charge the battery before it is completely empty. To do this, unscrew the evaporator and connect the battery with the corresponding USB cable, which you then connect to a power source. Batteries do not last forever and often need to be replaced after 6-12 months.

When do I fill up the e-liquid?

Of course, e-liquid should always be filled up when it is used up. Many vaporizers have glass tanks where you can see the e-liquid level. If you use a different e-liquid than before it makes sense to rinse the evaporator and then let it dry preferably overnight.

When do I have to replace the evaporator head?

Most new evaporators have replaceable evaporator heads, which you can buy cheap. If your evaporator head is worn out, your e-liquid may leak, make your e-cigarette a gargling sound, or produce less to no steam at all. If you notice one or more of these symptoms, you may need to replace the vaporizer head.

E-cigarette batteries with variable voltage or power

In the past, variable voltage batteries were rare and exotic, but today, they are becoming more and more popular. Variable voltage e-cigarettes give you the ability to increase or decrease the number of volts that goes from the battery to the evaporator. So you can adjust your e-cigarette exactly to your e-liquid, your personal taste, and your evaporator.