How to choose a lawyer in Immigration? The answer is simple

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Choose a specialist who does not promise to win a 100% business. This is probably the very first advice that can be given, because the lawyer ethics does not allow the lawyer to promise the result. Promises the result violates the law of ethics. For the immigration solicitors in london this is an important deal.

The First Advice

If you have learned the first advice, then here’s another criterion for choosing a lawyer in any category since then: An experienced lawyer doesn’t work “for the result”, “for a percentage”, and even more so for free. This does not happen, the difference between work and a hobby is that you require money for work. When was the last time you worked for free? That’s probably never. Typically, the price of services is immediately known and it begins in a immigrations case with at least 40-50 crore for a immigrations cases in the first instance, otherwise an experienced specialist does not make sense to do business.

  • The recommendation for choosing a lawyer is unfortunately not a recommendation for buying a TV, because the lawyer’s work is intellectual and it is difficult to evaluate his work, sometimes it seems to ordinary people that the lawyer does nothing, but this is not so.

If it comes to choosing a lawyer, then you need to learn five important factors:

The first factor

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A lawyer is a member of the bar, has a lawyer’s certificate and is a member of the Moscow bar. If a lawyer does not have the status of a lawyer, then he is not a lawyer. A lawyer is always a lawyer, and a lawyer is not always a lawyer. A lawyer can work in his law office, bar association, bureau or special legal advice (which is very rare). There is no other way.

The second factor

A contract with a lawyer is usually (90%) cases signed directly with a specific lawyer and certified by the seal of a lawyer’s education. A lawyer cannot work in an LLC (commercial organization).

The third factor

A lawyer usually deals with either immigrations or criminal matters. Less is often only administrative. Therefore, it is very rare for a lawyer to do everything at once, because he simply does not have enough time for everything. The lawyer is an example in the field of immigrations law. The main specialization is very important. How to choose an immigrations lawyer specifically in immigrations matters can prompt you the behavior of a specialist.

  • It is difficult to distinguish between an immigrations lawyer and a criminal lawyer, but it is possible, an immigrations lawyer is primarily interested in the documentary side of the case, while a criminal lawyer pays a lot of attention to the relations of the parties and the testimony of witnesses. The civilian specialization includes economic law and contractual, inheritance, family, housing, land and many other laws.

Criminal law is regulated by the criminal codec, the criminal procedure code, the criminal executive code, and industry plenums of the courts. That is, criminal law is a rather small part of the law and unfortunately has a guilty character and in most cases the case ends with a guilty verdict (in about 75% or more), the task of a criminal lawyer is to reduce the consequences for the client, to ease the punishment (replacement with a fine, conditional sentence and etc.)