Masquerade Costumes – The growing trend

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Masquerade is significantly different from Halloween and other occasions where people dress up in different kinds of costumes. The purpose here is to specifically resemble a particular character and is not remotely related to the cultural or religious symbolism of any community. The characters and 80-tals mode Masquerade costumes are more focused on replication with exact details than just obtaining a general outline of a character.

There are plenty of avenues to wear these costumes too. Fans often dress up for conventions. Fan conventions are commonly held for anime, manga, comics, video games, sci-fi, and TV shows. Some of the conventions held in Japan, UK and USA are very popular and thronged by thousands of participants in these costumes from far and wide. A multitude of competitions is regularly held in association with the conventions. Self-made Masquerade costumes are judged for prizes, and the contestants also take care to emulate the character in mannerisms and body language to enhance originality. Masqueraders also commune together in small gatherings at several venues. Most of the time, the intention is to just have some fun and discuss their work, meet other people in the world of Masquerade and share tips.

Trendsetting Masquerade costumes

Manga is a popular theme for Masquerade. These costumes are based on the Japanese Manga cartoons, and many people are fans. Many fans model in Manga costumes and attract the attention of photographers. There is a good rapport between Masqueraders and photographers in general, whereby the photographers do not normally require permission to take photographs, and participants enjoy the attention that their Masquerade costumes attract.

Children absolutely love these kinds of events.

80-tals mode

Children go skin-deep into the character. Some with their actions even show that they perfectly resemble their favorite character and prove that they are real heroes of life. Being their perfect parents, you can also enjoy watching your children don the attire of the character they adore and live in their dreams.

Kids already live in a world of fictions, and when in reality they get a chance to play their favorite role and characters, they enjoy it. They believe in it. There are many types of Masquerade costumes available in the market today. You name it, and you have it; Alice in Wonderland, Shrek, dark knight, fairy princesses, and the list goes on and on. On asking about their favorite character which they would like to play, each child would name a different character.

Similarly, the trend in the West is towards sci-fi and fantasy. Star Wars and characters from Harry Potter movies have rocked the center stage. Social networks and websites are centered on Masquerade activities, and the internet enables Masqueraders to share stories, photographs, tips, and information. It is a growing hobby worldwide and is popular across all age groups and communities.

You should have operational ability

Sometimes the costumes and props are not easy to be bought, or you cannot afford to buy them because of their shocking price. In this case, you can take a try to do the costumes by yourself, in fact, which is also the essence of Masquerade because in addition to playing pleasure you will get making pleasure also from such process. You will design costumes by yourself and then buy cloth with bright colors and selected decorative patterns and finally make it.