Mortgage for single and pair As Per Requirement

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Banks do not limit access to mortgages for single persons, but the criteria that must be met by such persons are greater than in the case of marriages. Why? Marriage guarantees the bank that in the case of loss of one source of income, the borrower has yet another. The single does not give such a guarantee to the bank. A single mortgage loan will involve a number of additional formalities the bank can raise expectations of the potential borrower’s income and require a larger own payment. A single mortgage loan is however possible to obtain. You should also have the เอกสารกู้บ้าน for the task now.

Earnings will be a very important criterion. In the case of lonely people there is a certain paradox those who earn a lot e.g. above the national average will be more attractive loans than marriages with similar income in common. However, if a lone borrower earns less, his or her ability to marry decreases, and the bank raises the required initial payment amount. Parents or relatives can be a great support in this case. Their role may be to regulate your own payment.

For couples, the criteria are a bit different. The important thing is that living in an informal relationship does not increase the creditworthiness of a couple. Only marriages are more capable if their income comes from two different sources. Some data indicate that the best time for a loan is the time right after the wedding, when there are no children in the relationship.

Mortgage for young people

Mortgage for young people does not have an age criterion and young people with a stable source of income will be attractive in the eyes of the lender. In the first place they can get co-financing from government programs. Second the lack of children means that the income counts for two people. So it is a good time to take on credit commitments. A mortgage for young people can be a good chance to start.

Mortgage for working abroad


People who work outside of Poland can also get a loan. However, this involves certain limitations. The bank will grant credit only in the currency in which the borrower earns. This applies only to the most popular currencies it will be hard to get a loan. Unfortunately, banks have a limited offer for such persons as of today. They will not get credit from people, who earn, for example, in Swiss francs. What, however, when the borrower returns to the country? Then it is worth thinking about converting the loan. This will avoid, for example, the risk of exchange rate fluctuations.

Mortgage for entrepreneurs and free professions

Entrepreneurs and freelancers can also apply for a mortgage. The former will get a loan if their activity is carried out for a long time minimum one year they have permanent, non-invasive income and good history. Possible subscription and taxes negates credit opportunities. Those who work in free professions, such as a lawyer or a doctor, can also get a loan and even have a good chance for such a product. Unfortunately, people working on contracts of mandate or task will have a lot of problems with obtaining a mortgage, unless they bring a very high own contribution, which comes, for example, from the sale of another apartment, etc.