Nursing, abuse elder and common abuse in the world

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Residential care in that nursing home is considered as a facility. Nursing homes were developing for the elders and disabled people now a lot of people with disabilities are achieved then the normal one. Such a talented person is built up by this type of nursing home. The nursing facility is well trained and they have a skill which is considered as a skilled nursing facility (SNF) it is not only for the disabled person and also for older term care facilities and old people homes and rest home these types of a nursing home are available in that elder abuse attorney . An attorney which means a person who is appointed to act in legal matters. In nursing care is considered as a health care sector where each one focuses on the care of individuals one family and communities and they maintain their regular work as a service which makes them give a healthy and quality of life.

elder abuse attorney

Elders abuse

Elders mistreatment or a senior abuse it caused through any relationship with their trust. Trusting people is not a bad thing but we need to maintain a limit in day to day life women suffer through many activities of men’s domination. They treat women for abuse not by everyone but by some human animals. Many laws and acts are there but still, now we cannot prevent the women elders also in a workplace and some other areas unexpecting abuse and they need to produce themself without others’ help because the world is running toward the money. Covid19 due to this many areas offices are shut down, people are under the control of lockdown. But many news stories have arrived about abuse by their trusted one and the World Health Organization makes a law toward the elders’ abuse in the united kingdom. A worldwide issue is abusing an elder through caregivers and it brings international attention; it becomes a social problem. They were affected through many categories like physical, Emotional, Elder financial abuse, sexual, Neglect, abandonment, self Neglect, and institutional abuse, these are common across India and in our history, culture. Economic strength and societal perception of these things happen within the nation. The health consequences are serious for elders and abused which destroy the elder person’s quality such as

  • Increased dependency sense of helplessness and stress
  • Worsening psychological decline
  • Premature mortality and morbidity
  • Depression and dementia
  • Malnutrition
  • Bedsores
  • Death

Due to elder abuse, these risks are caused by death and they abuse victims.

Common abuse

Abuse is commonly caused by the neighborhood, partner, spouse, relative friends and some other place like workplace place traveling at any place

Abuse is increasing nowadays not only elders but also girls women and children are affected through the abuse. Nursing is a profession that allows them to practice for their service. According to government law, they can do the only service for all age people and their health. Sometimes nursing people are also affected through the abuse, they only learn a scope of education and practice to serve the people but abuse is happening and helping at every we’re it from small to old everyone affected through the abuse. Government and world health organization make law with high punishment but it can’t be stopped completely now a day’s abuses are increased.