People should know about the residence visa compulsorily!

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Before knew about the residence visa , First of all, we want to know about the residence, right? Simply, the residence is nothing but it is a home. Otherwise, it is a sheltered place for us to living. Some peoples own the residence and some peoples don’t. But literally, everyone has a residence or home, right? Did you think even once about that without a home where we can stay? So, home or residences are a must for everyone.  So, everyone fought for their residence. Even I fought for my residence. Maybe it is a dream for everyone, right?  Yes, everyone has a dream about their own home or own residence. Because it makes them feel good and safe. So, everyone fought for their own home. Your residence in your country, it is ok and simple one. But, if it comes to other countries, then the residence visa will be doing an important role. We knew the residence visa in other names too. That is a green card. But there some minor differences between residence visas and green cards. Even I heard about green cards through settled indo-American citizens and from some movies too. Before knowing about the green card, First of all, we want to know about the passport.

Many people know about the passport, right? Passport is nothing but it is a flight pass. Did you confuse about flight pass? Don’t get confused about this. For example, everyone knows about the bus, right? It is for vehicles, right? And it is mainly for road transportation. How did you transport by bus? The answer is simple. You can travel on the bus through the bus tickets. And it is applicable to train transportation too. Some people have bus passes for travel, right? Even it is applicable for train passengers too. Do you know about air transportation? I mean flight travel or airplane travel or whatever you believe? First of all, you should take a flight ticket. I also state that the passes, right? Yes, flight passengers are having passes too. And it is flight pass and also known as a passport. Passport is helping us to get away from our country. But you want permission from your target country for entry into their country. Visa is helping us with this issue. If you want to stay in your wish country, then you should get a residence visa. In case, if you change your mind. I mean you want to stay permanently in your wish country. Then what should you do? The answer is simple you should get a permanent residence visa.

residence visa

A simple way to get a residence visa:

There are some simple ways to get a residence visa and there are,

  • First of all, you want to know that you are eligible for this visa.
  • If you are eligible, then file a form for a visa, or nowadays it is easy online.
  • Then fill you are all your details and apply.
  • After they are processing, they should call you for an interview.
  • Attend the interview and doing well in your interview.
  • And get your residence visa and enjoy your stay.