Perfect Limits for the Essential Infertility Treatment Now

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Couples wishing to have children and have infertility problems should seek medical help to verify the true reason for infertility and to begin treatment. The treatment suggested by the doctor will depend on the causes of infertility. In most cases, these causes can be resolved with medication or surgery. Infertility, male or female, can be reversed in many cases. With proper treatment, the chances of pregnancy reach 30%, the same rate of a couple that has no problems, explains the human reproduction specialist. This is the best that you can get with the Infertility treatment now.

Severe cases of male infertility such as azoospermia will also be added to In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), where a testicular puncture is required to try to find live sperm in the testicles that for some reason are not being ejaculated.

Associated with In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) it is also possible to diagnose embryo chromosomal alterations (PGS), which may be leading the couple to repeat miscarriages or not to get pregnant, even after several attempts of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). Sometimes the genetic causes of infertility are not analyzed as they should, which may give the false impression that the couple suffers from infertility for no apparent cause, when in fact all the tests necessary to identify a possible genetic cause of infertility have not been performed.

About IVI

Based in Valencia, Spain, the Valencian Infertility Institute (IVI) began its activities in 1990. It has over 40 clinics in 10 countries and is a leader in reproductive medicine. The group has a Foundation, a University Teaching and Career program.

About Body Mass Index (BMI)

In addition to hormonal impairment, weight changes cause psychological problems such as decreased self-esteem and sexual desire. So that your weight can be controlled, it is ideal that you know how to calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI) which is an approximate value of the adult’s degree of obesity. It measures the relationship between weight and height weight in kg divided by the square of height in meters.

Infertility treatment

In the woman:

  • It causes reversible hormonal disorders with altered menstrual cycles.
  • Inhibits ovulation and menstruation.
  • It disturbs the fertilization and implantation processes.
  • Blocks ovulation.

In the man:

  • It causes reversible hormonal disturbances, uncontrolled testosterone levels.
  • Decreases sperm number and quality.

It is best to have more sex

For men, the main test that should be asked for fertility research is the sperm count. Infertility treatment varies depending on the cause of infertility. These may be less complex treatments such as ovulation induction, timed intercourse and artificial insemination, even more, complex treatments such as in vitro fertilization test-tube baby. The hospital offers highly humanized care and has one of the best clinical staff in the city, specializing in general practice, surgical practice, pediatrics, orthopedics, cardiology, obstetrics and gynecology.

Do not hesitate to ask your doctor questions.

The doctor who follows your treatment and his team are the ideal people to answer all your questions. This is why you should not be ashamed or embarrassed to ask them anything. When choosing a good professional you can rely on him for information about his IVF treatment or any other assisted reproduction techniques.

Clarifying all your doubts is essential. This way you do not run the risk of adopting behaviors that hinder the success of the treatment, you are calmer and more confident and avoid the fact that you suffer from possible questions that could be easily solved.