Photos and the Right Choices in the Exploring

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Once the idea is well defined, the concept well written, it is important to delve into the point of view of the photographer especially for outdoor shootings. With the saen higgins photos you can find the best choices.


Especially when you are outside a studio, it is important to frequent future crime scenes before D-Day. Because a place has its little habits, its little subtleties, its little flaws too. A wall too high and hiding the sun at the end of the day? And that’s the whole atmosphere to review.


saen higgins photos

All artists or aspiring artists have the vocation to develop a style of their own. Certainly but let’s be humble 5 minutes: getting inspired by colleagues and myths from the history of photography is almost a must. Do you want to make an almost documentary shoot? Dive into Walker Evans to better understand how a series becomes an indivisible object of art. You want to have advertising and provocative treatment? Never forget that the photographer does not declare himself as such: it is always the others who dedicate you, photographer.

The models

Many professionals believe that models are the raw material of a creative process. Still, these are living materials, emotions in clothes, and people with a history. Get to know them, even stealthily. And here we join the difficult territory between the artistic direction and the direction of actors: to get the best, it is necessary to create a form of relationship. It is not a question of making love to the camera but of embodying a subject, of putting oneself in the socks of a character. A little something from the Boulevardier: give stage names to the models. We always project ourselves better with a false identity


The discussions are numerous, the expert opinions sometimes contradictory. One certainty: we must make sure that the technical constraint can be forgotten to focus on the eye, on the staging, on the composition. But everyone will find their device as they please. One certainty, however: the photographers frequent almost never change the brand of camera. Because the case borrows a style, conditions a certain treatment. So test multiple devices at the start.


Wear clothes, negotiate with traders, warn if a car is passing or not. As many details which seem anecdotal and which however ruin the creativity and the exchange between the photographer and his live performance. So you need at least a small team to help you. The assistant photographer advises, accompanies. it’s a real luxury, but a necessary luxury.

But the fact is that taking artistic photos of friends who are around their forties is mission impossible. That must be why people take so many pictures of their dogs. Instead of looking for hidden beauty, why not take a more direct approach?

Fashion photography has a rich and eventful life, filled with the spirit and work of various masters. Each milestone of the era made adjustments to the ideology of photography itself and all its directions, the development of the technical capabilities of the camera and illuminators made it possible to create more and more provocative pictures. And with the advent of graphic editors and numbers, image-taking received completely unlimited freedom of imagination. The general emancipation of minds, a decrease in censorship and criticism also reflected on the image of modern models.