Putlocker movies: Is it safe to access Putlocker?

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We all want to watch recent blockbuster films, but not always we can afford the growing price of theatre tickets or sometimes we simply don’t have enough time to go to a theatre. What if you could see the same movie online while sitting on your couch? For those who don’t know, you can watch movies free in a site named Putlocker – yes, totally free, except, of course, your bandwidth charge. It was launched publicly in January of 2012 by a few talented developers in the UK, and since then, a lot of people are enjoying putlocker movies in their homes.

In short, Putlocker is a movie database site that provides links to the latest and popular film and TV series titles from various other third-party content hosting websites. All the content links are actually embedded on the Putlocker itself, so the viewers can watch the content by streaming directly from the Putlocker site itself, without having to go to the actual hosting websites. This was thought to be a smart method to avoid legal issues; however, the UK banned the primary Putlocker site by a court order. That was the first time when Putlocker moved to another new domain name, and they are changing their domains frequently to date.

putlocker movies

So how popular is Putlocker? The number may sound unrealistic, but after the launch, Putlocker started receiving an astounding amount of traffic – more than 700,000 visitors on a daily basis. But the surprise does not end there. Once Megaupload, another content hosting site, ceased its activities, Putlocker became the number one site with more than a million traffic each and every day.

Is Putlockler safe to use for watching movies online?

It really depends on what do you mean by “safe.” If you’re worried about viruses and malware, then rest assured that Putlocker is an entirely safe site without any such online threat. You can safely browse the website and watch films and TV shows from all over the world. That being said, you’re safe as long as you’re on the main Putlocker site. The site generates its revenue by means of advertisement, so be ready to face a constant flow of banner and pop up ads. Those banner and pop up ads are of other third-party sites, which may or may not be safe, and Putlocker has nothing to do with them except allowing them to advertise. Hence, don’t click on any banner or pop up ad that may lead you to other sites from the Putlocker, and those sites can be malicious and may infect your computer. In short, as long as you’re avoiding those annoying ads, there’s nothing to be worried.

One more thing you should be aware of, which is identifying the original Putlocker website. As mentioned earlier, Putlocker no longer uses its primary domain, and available in many other domains. Chances are the domain you’ve used to access Putlocker last week, may no longer be functional this week. So, do your research and find out original Putlocker domains which are working, as there can be lots of fake sites that can look similar, but are malicious.