Real Estate and Your Options there

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Real estate market has seen a slight recovery in recent months, properties for sale have never been so numerous. In this context, the choice of a real estate agent is crucial to put a property on sale or lease. Certain criteria may help in this choice, such as the proximity of the agency, the amount of the commission or the advertising resources it uses. We focus on three tips for choosing a real estate agency. With the Hidden Gems In Rochester MI you can have the best choices now.

Choose a real estate agent

Inquire about the reliability of the real estate agency

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Confidence in his agency is important for the sale of a property, and essential to put a good rental. Nothing is more unpleasant than to realize, during the visits or during the tenancy, that the real estate agent chosen is not of a professional foolproof. To win the trust of its customers, the real estate agent must be able to show that it has succeeded, in the recent past, to put several properties on sale or lease. The mere provision of a list of goods, of the same category as that of the customer, recently sold will succeed in giving him confidence. So do not hesitate to ask for such a list and to inquire with the people who sold their property by this real estate agency. Another way to check the professionalism of the real estate agent is to ask about the properties for sale near his. A good real estate agent will be able to provide details on these properties: at what price, how much area, how long it is for sale, etc. The reliability of a real estate agent can also be read in customer reviews that can be published on the agency’s website.

Negotiate the commission

After checking the reliability of some agencies, including customer testimonials, it is time to entrust the sale or lease of his property to one or the other and, why not, to all. Whether opting for a single mandate or an exclusive mandate, the commission will impact the price of the sale. The time is not yet framing agencies fees and the amount of commission can impact the choice of the real estate agency.

Two things are to know. The commission varies from one real estate agency to another, which can vary from single to double. In a recovery context, agencies may be reluctant to lower their commission. It is therefore essential to play the competition between the 3 or 4 agencies selected for their reliability.

Learn about the extent of advertising

The more property will be seen, the higher the chances of selling or renting it quickly. It is therefore necessary that the real estate agency uses all the means at its disposal to advertise the property. First of all, it is important to check the content of the posters on display in the real estate agency’s window. It must be as exhaustive as possible and showcase as much as possible the property for sale or rent.