Receive Your Guardian Angel Name Directly

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Many people are not aware of the guardian angels. People generally look at the guardian angels in two ways. One kind of person thinks that the guardian angel is connected with the person during the birth and the second kind of person thinks that the guardian angels will be present with the people throughout the whole life. There are many misconceptions about the guardian angels. There are many angles in the universe and there are many unknown angel names. There are many steps to know your right guardian angel.

The first step in exploring the guardian angel is to go the nature space without any disturbances. One can also imagine going in the deep woods. The main goal is to keep yourself peaceful, undisturbed, and quiet. One should feel very relaxed and the place should be empty without any major disturbances. The person can also get help from the others to be in a syntony along with the healing process. The woods and space will full of nature will be the best choice for exploring the guardian angel as they will give you lots of peace from the hustle and bustle life with lots of noises.

Feel the Nature:

If a person finds the right spot, then the next process is to feel free by removing all your restrictions from the body. Things like watches, jackets, hats, tight clothes can be removed. One can feel free by wearing loose clothes in this process. In case, if a person is wearing the socks and the shoes then it is better to remove them. The removal of the tight socks will give you the natural flow of energy in the woods. There is no strict posture for this process. Thus, the person can either sit or stand during the whole process. The main thing one has to focus on is to make yourself comfortable with any of the posture.

One should start by feeling peace and relief from normal life and should take deep breaths. At the beginning of this exploration, meditation plays a great role and it should be done to allow your powerful mind to relax. The mind should feel free from various issues and problems. All the body, mind, and spirit should be relaxed in this process through the meditation. Once the mind is clear then it is very easy for the guardian angel to get connected with you. The person should take some deeper breaths and allow the conscious mind to expand and reach the inner self.

The person should get rid of the physical world and should go deep into the inner world. Then it is the final step in the exploration of the guardian angels. The final step is to call your guardian angel name by asking it directly. Many people will get the guardian name in their minds clearly without asking themselves. In case, if a person is not getting the guardian name correctly then the person can ask “ who is my guardian angel? ”. This will help the person to get the guardian name from divine power. The person can repeat it in the mind even without asking it louder. A name will flash in your mind and one can get it easily only when the mind is clear.