Reverse Calling As per The Needs

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Who called me?  What is this number? What is this SMS? Who has never received a call or a text message from a number not listed in their contacts or in their SIM card? Two situations arise: call this number directly or try to identify it first. Many treat it as spam . If you are an individual, the reasons for wanting to identify a phone number are numerous:

More and more attempts at scams are reported every day:

Fake purchase orders, ping-call, administrative scams, referral to special surcharged numbers. More than 1.5 million reports of SMS or voice spam were recorded in 2019, 80% more than last year. Commercial soliciting on mobile phones is increasingly aggressive, in 2019, more than 75% received or less than 10 calls or commercial SMS per month.

The simple freedom to know the identity of the last call received in order to decide whether to call back or not. If you are a professional, in addition to the reasons explained above, the search by number allows you to prepare to speak, to convince, to negotiate with your interlocutor.


How does our mobile reverse directory work?

If for fixed phones, the telephone directory has always existed white pages and yellow pages, the development of GSM phones, smartphones and the multiplication of mobile lines has never been the subject of a free paper directory. Since 1999, formerly a telephone information provider collects mobile numbers 06 and 07 from the universal directory and telecom operators Orange, Free mobile, Bouygues Telecom, SFR, Sosh, NRJ mobile, etc. Today, the fastest way to identify the holder of a mobile line is to use the reverse mobile directory that allows you to:

  • To discover the names, surnames and the company of your interlocutor when it is present in the reverse mobile directory.
  • To listen discreetly the greeting of his voice mailbox.
  • Know your operator subject to portability
  • Read the comments and remarks of other users on the reliability of this phone number.
  • Reliability of service and quality charter.

First invested in the classic free directories and the first mobile directory, we created this reverse search service in 1999. While the universal reverse directory only has 650,000 mobile numbers, we are able to search on a base of more than 30 million numbers. This service is 80% reliable, i.e. we identify about 80 mobile numbers out of 100. However, there are cases where we are not able to issue you the identity of your correspondent: if there is red-listed or has requested not to appear on reverse directory services. In this case, we make you listen to discreetly mobile home greeting, which will allow you to identify it in 80% of cases. The call of the inverted phone directory is not free. It is accessible via a premium rate of $ 2.99, regardless of your search time and the number of unknown numbers to identify.

Understand the numbering of a mobile number

To go further and understand how ARCEP distributes mobile phone numbers by the operator and geographic area, you can follow the links below to learn how to analyze a number.