Student Profile of the Cosmetology and Makeup Career

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There is a varied offer of courses and specializations in which the graduate can dedicate him according to his personal interests. For the Texas Cosmetology Continuing Education the following options are exceptional.

Artistic Makeup and FX: it is one of the most creative branches where techniques are learned to produce artistic transformations, special effects and create characters through the use of different materials

Child Makeup: methods to create characterizations of fantasy characters and animals, masks and special effects are seen

Social Makeup: is focused on learning special techniques for social events, such as wedding parties, birthdays, etc.

Texas Cosmetology Continuing Education

Fashion Makeup: is a makeup oriented to the field of advertising and fashion, where procedures are aimed at parades, graphic and editorial publications, and photographic works.

The student of this discipline has a particular interest in aesthetics and skin care, and also enjoys helping others with their appearance. If you are interested in this profession, you will surely feel identified with the following characteristics:

  • Predilection for the general culture of beauty and aesthetics
  • Creative personality
  • Being able to learn and update throughout your career
  • Have empathy in the interaction with customers
  • Have good communication skills
  • Willingness to work in a team and ability to develop autonomously
  • Possess skills with the handling of instruments and products
  • Be an observant person
  • Inclination by notions of anatomy and health
  • Have a social character

What can you work as a graduate in Cosmetology and Makeup?

The activities of a graduate in Cosmetology are as varied as the environments in which it can be developed. The professional will have the capacity to:

  • Solve discipline problems thanks to the knowledge of the technologies and methodologies developed in the area
  • Exercise in the prevention and education of patients

Work in the research area

Understand dermatological pathologies to be able to treat or derive them. Assist and collaborate with other health and cosmetic professionals for example dermatologists, surgeons, phlebotomists, etc. Advise and collaborate with companies oriented to the development of cosmetic products. Perform procedures aimed at cleaning or treating the skin.

Execute various massage techniques

With regard to the discipline of Makeup, professionals will be trained to customize their work depending on the requirements and needs of the situation and each person. They may perform their functions independently or in a dependency relationship in various fields such as theater, cinema, television, parades, graphic advertising, and social events.

The Cosmetology and Makeup professional can carry out their activities, manage and market their aesthetic services in private offices, institutes and beauty salons, hairdressers, medical centers, spa centers and independently.

If you are a creative person who is interested in aesthetics and fashion, if the care and beauty of the skin are within your priorities, and if you like to help people feel comfortable with them, then it may be that this profession is the one for you. However, for that you need to learn and understanding basic and the advanced steps of cosmetology now. The effects will be the best. Surely that you need to have the zeal for the work. That would make the entire process shine out now.