The Lawsuit Process and Its Appeals

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Lawsuit and Appeals

Litigation or Lawsuit is that state of action which submits the case in the court for settlement of a dispute. This term is thus referred to the actual legal process that occurs in the court system in between two parties for their case where they involve in argument against each other. The parties which are involved in a case are known as litigants. Each of the party in court assembles their arguments and witnesses with supporting findings and facts. Litigants, are usually called as plaintiff and defendant, it is advisable to both the parties to discover a process that is beneficial for them to make their case strong before they reach the court and present themselves in front of the judge or jury.

First you know and decide whom you should sue for the damage and then approach the curry lawsuit s and lawyers as they will help you in best manner. Before filing a lawsuit against any defendant, check for the time limit in advance as when you can expect the judgment during the process of lawsuit. As the lawsuit process is very expensive and time taking.

Legal Cases filed in a Court

A plaintiff can file two types of legal cases in a court they are generally known as Criminal Cases and Civil Cases. The first case involves a charge that is prosecuted by a governmental body, to order punishment for the violation of a criminal statute. The second case involves private disputes between individuals where solution for damages or some other remedy like compensation is requested.

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Here are few circumstances that lead into lawsuit; few run the gambit from being injured, for having a dispute with a business. As all know filing a lawsuit is not a simple decision it can’t be taken lightly, but at times proves to resolve the dispute.

No matter what was the reason, but approaching court can be an intimidating experience for the plaintiff. The plaintiff should know how the courts work, which take long time in settling the matter and meanwhile they may also alleviate stress inside them.

The Process Involved for Filing a Lawsuit

  • From filing a case in court to attending a trial and reaching the settlement it takes off plaintiffs worthy time and money. To avoid this lengthy process of lawsuit the plaintiff first demands straight with the defendant to perform worthy actions that helps to settle the conflict before filing a case in the court. But if the demand of plaintiff is refused or ignored, then they can start a lawsuit for filing a complaint against them in the court and serve the copies of same and pass on the summons to the defendant. It should state facts and the law which show the alleged injuries and attributes of the defendant, and requested money for the damages occurred.
  • Further if the case doesn’t settle on early, the discovery process begins which lasts for weeks or years depending on the complexity of the case filed against the defendant and the cooperation between the two parties. Both the parties present their evidences and try to prove truth of their positions. They are examined and cross questioned which affects their personal status. When the judge or jury gives their final decision at the trial court then the losing party can appeal to the hearing decision on specified period of time. Both the federal and state courts when appealed hear the most civil appeals.


It is known fact that the lawsuits are complex and time consuming process. Before you file a lawsuit and hire a lawyer check for the possibility to settle the issue outside the court itself with the most possible compensation from your defendant to save your money and time. As once you reach the trial court you need to pay fees to your hired attorney and others who are involved in the case which might be very expensive and time consuming.