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During pregnancy, many postural, hormonal and physiological changes take place. Tensions can appear becoming embarrassing or painful for the mother but also restricting the development of the child. The chiropractor seeks to harmonize the tensions allowing the child to have more room to develop or to turn around when the moment becomes indicated. The chiropractor can therefore also help the child to turn around by reducing the tensions present on the uterus and the possible back pain, for example, felt by the future mother. Finally, recent studies have shown the favorable impact of regular chiropractic monitoring during pregnancy on the course of childbirth. This is the part of the chiropractic care now.

chiropractic care

A child in great shape

Birth is not a sweet event and all the more so in our industrialized countries where the delivery position does not help and where external interventions often take place in order to facilitate the baby’s exit not without difficulty.

A newborn thus presents frequent chiropractic subluxations linked to a possible position maintained for a prolonged period in the womb of his mother or to the event that is birth at the origin of Kiss syndromes, for example. It can also present a hypersensitivity related to a cesarean section or to a too fast birth without a prolonged massage at the time of the passage by the vaginal way.

How does it manifest?

My problems with sleep, digestion with reflux or colic by difficulties with breastfeeding, sharp reflexes startles at noise, light or certain movements, or unexplained cries. Restricted mobility or subarachnoid tension can also lead to the development of secondary plagiocephaly.

Babies can adapt and grow while keeping their subluxations which will probably be the cause of other symptoms over the years such as hyperactivity, dyslexia, dysgraphia, digestive disorders, enuresis bedwetting, difficulties in learning or concentration then scoliosis.

Thus a check of the spine at birth at the same time as that of the young mother before her perineal reeducation in order to start this one on a pelvis in balance is very particularly advised by the chiropractors. They will also advise you a regular follow-up during the growth of your child who at the sandstone of his falls and others will be subject, like you, to subluxations.

Sports support

Many top athletes are accompanied by chiropractors such as Usain Bolt, Roger Federer, Tiger Woods, or AC Milan footballers. The latter receive daily follow-up in a multidisciplinary clinic managed by a chiropractor placing his global vision of health at the center of their follow-up. Remember, however, that these are not spinal manipulations but chiropractic adjustments for neuro-musculoskeletal purposes.

In fact, by removing the interference present in the nervous system, chiropractic care allows a better capacity for adaptation, therefore a reduced risk of injury but also better recovery capacities after exercise or after an injury and an increase in sports performance. Remember that chiropractors are the only natural health practitioners approved by the International Olympic Committee and WHO since the 1990s.

Chiropractic in practice

He does not prescribe any medication or surgery and mainly relies on his hands to adjust your subluxations and release your healing forces. The chiropractor is the only non-medical therapist authorized to practice vertebral manipulations without prior medical authorization. He can also give advice on lifestyle habits nutrition, physical exercise, vitamin supplements, etc.