Welsh Activity As Per The Requirement Now

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In some places in Wales, it gets so dark in the evening that you have a perfect view of the starry sky. You can also watch stars in the south of Wales. In the heart of the Beacons National Park, you will find a so-called Dark Sky Reserve, one of the darkest places in the whole of the United Kingdom. On a clear evening, the stars are clearly marked in the sky and you can even spot the galaxy. Do you want to watch stars? Then look for a dark place with as little light pollution as possible. With the welsh activity holiday this is the best option now.

This is a good place to look at stars because there is little ambient light or trees that block the view. From here you can clearly see the different constellations and even spotted a shooting star. You could not see the galaxy from this point, because it was probably a bit too light for that. It seems that you can spot the galaxy from the top of Pen Y Fan, but then you have to climb up in the dark.

One of the most famous astrophotographers in South Wales regularly gives workshops that combine stargazing with photography. Do you want to know how to photograph the starry sky? Then sign up for one of his meetings. Be quick, because his workshops are always sold out in no time.

welsh activity holiday

Sleep In the Middle of the Brecon Beacons National Park

A good base for a trip through the south of Wales is the NantDdu Lodge. A cozy ‘Inn’ is the heart of the Brecon Beacons. Nice and cuddly and incredibly British, and also very popular with hikers and active holidaymakers. The rooms are simple and a bit dated, but the bed is huge and in the restaurant, they serve good food. After a long day of hiking, you can also relax in the hotel spa. In terms of location, you are centrally located at this location as it is a few minutes’ drives to the starting point of the Pen Y Fan walk.

Down in the Big Pit Coal Mine

If the weather is bad for a day and that is possible if you make a trip through Wales then you can recommend a visit to the Big Pit National Coal Museum. Wales has a long history of mining and that has certainly had an impact on the identity of the country. The mines have been officially closed since the 1980s, but in the Big Pit coal mine, you can now still descend into the meter-deep mine shaft.

The old mine is a museum where you get a glimpse into the ins and outs of the miners. You can view a number of exhibitions in the old buildings, but the descent into the mine itself is particularly interesting. You get a helmet on your head and a battery of about five kilos tied around your waist. Phones, watches and lighters must be left behind because anything that can cause a spark cannot go down. Then you travel with the lift to a depth of 90 meters and you get a tour of the old corridor system. Really interesting to see and hear how things used to be here. Another reason to visit the Big Pit: the entrance is completely free.