What is an affirmation?

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Affirmation is nothing but simply it’s a pledge. Whenever I heard pledges word, which reminds my school pledges. I know that many of you remembering your school pledges, right? School pledges are mostly about our respective countries, right? Then, let’s talk about pledges about my country. Because the country comes first before anything. Our school management is thinking that it improves our love of our nation. Sometimes it may work and sometimes it won’t. You won’t show your love in cinema theatres about your country. You must prove your love in your passion for your country. It is about our perspective. Many websites are giving different types of pledges in our country. You can choose any pledges. Just click here at www.medium.com and read and make your pledges.  So, just leave it. I mean to leave these debates and not your love about your country. Just, love your country more than anything. And do everything for your country and don’t get shelters in abroad. Wherever you live apart from your country whatever it is just abroad. But the home country gives a feeling like home. So, don’t leave your home.

Apart from country affirmation:

Affirmation makes a man perfect. This is a new age proverb for teens. Yeah, pledges are big famous during New Year evenings, right? I saw many peoples who make many pledges in New Year’s evening and just forget the next evening. For example, I know a man for many long years.  He is my friend. He snores anywhere and anytime. Yeah, he is bad at snoring. His wife also came for divorce because of his snoring. It is a little weird, right? But it is a big truth man. I heard your mind voices that snoring is not that much. Yes, I agree snoring is not that much bad but that snoring makes a sound like an atom bomb. Hey guys, now I heard your mind voices that maybe this sounds bad man. I feel sorry for my sister I mean his wife. But my friend loves her wife more than his life. They are the new wedding couples. So, he can’t lose his wife and his life. So, he makes a strong affirmation day by day. Yes, he allotted notes for his affirmation. Whenever he wakes up when he wrote that “I won’t snoring today” but the reality is something different. He forgets the morning pledge in the evening. Hey, I am just joking. They saw the improvement. This affirmation helps escape from his problem partially.  But this affirmation saves his life from divorce.

Affirmation is what for?

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Generally, affirmations are helping to escape from negative thoughts and stresses. Some of the peoples thought that pledges are helping to improve their life leading. These affirmations are improving our self-confidence. Yes, it shatters your negative thoughts sometimes. If you are low in confidence, then just tell me that I am the best. That’s mean it shatter some inferiority complex from you. Just tell yourself that you are one and you are the only one. And just love yourself. Love makes a man perfect. And love about yourself that makes you perfect. Don’t believe in others and love yourself. If you are low, then don’t forget to make affirmations.