What Kind of Choices You Can Make with Locksmith Services Now

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Only provide copy-protected keys to, for example, craftsmen, if necessary in connection with redevelopment, renovation or extension. Make sure you always get the keys back. It can store extras securely and never under a mat or similar location. If you forget the key, keep an extra key with a good neighbor who is usually at home. The neighbor should keep your key securely and not write your address or surname on the key. With cerrajeros madrid 24 you can have the best choices.

Electronic locks

As an alternative to a regular door lock, you can choose an electronic door lock. There is no security problem in installing an electronic door lock. Thus, most are approved for use in private homes and meet the general insurance requirements for proper locking. However, you need to make sure that the model you are considering purchasing actually meets the insurance requirements. This must be clearly stated in the sales material. If in doubt, contact your insurance company.

The actual feed in an electronic lock is the same as in a regular lock. It works the same way just mechanical instead of manual. This means that the risk of breaking up is the same. If you have multiple locks on your front door, you will only get the same security by reinstalling multiple locks.

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The advantage of an electronic lock is that it is locked by default and therefore your front door is also locked when you are at home. You also have no trouble with lost keys. You can buy electronic locks in major construction markets and wood cargo dealers, but although demand is increasing, it is still a specialized product that not all construction markets are selling yet.

When purchasing an electronic lock, be aware that the locks are available for both indoor and outdoor use so that you do not have to buy a lock for the front door, which cannot withstand rain. The locks for outdoor use are generally more expensive than those for indoor use. You also need to make sure the included locking box fits the size of your door.

There are two different types of electronic door locks:

  • Code locks where you need to enter a code, apply a keychain, or open using a smartphone.
  • Biometric locks where you need to use your fingerprint on a fingerprint scanner.

Both types of electronic door locks come with a key backup so you can access your home even if the electronics should fail.

Electronic locks for apartments

In multi-dwelling properties, it is a good idea to use electronic locking systems where each apartment receives a locked card. The lock cards can be customized with codes for the different dwellings, basements and storerooms, and the code is changed upon moving in and out. In this way, it is avoided that there are keys in circulation in people unrelated to the property.

There are no requirements as to which locks should be in the doors of the house neither with regard to age, type or brand. However, if you must have your insurance to cover any burglaries, your house must be securely closed and locked. In practice, this means that the doors must be locked and the windows must be closed lock.