Reverse Calling As per The Needs

Who called me?  What is this number? What is this SMS? Who has never received a call or a text message from a number not listed in their contacts or in their SIM card? Two situations arise: call this number directly or try to identify it first. Many treat it as spam . If you are an individual, the reasons for wanting to identify a phone number are numerous:

More and more attempts at scams are reported every day:

Fake purchase orders, ping-call, administrative scams, referral to special surcharged numbers. More than 1.5 million reports of SMS or voice spam were recorded in 2019, 80% more than last year. Commercial soliciting on mobile phones is increasingly aggressive, in 2019, more than 75% received or less than 10 calls or commercial SMS per month.

The simple freedom to know the identity of the last call received in order to decide whether …

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