Choosing the Right Therapist for yourself

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When searching for a therapist, where do you begin? What in the event do you look for? How can you know if you have selected the “right” or “greatest ” person?

The decision to seek advice from with a therapist like jonathan levy lcsw or additional counselor can often be made at the same time of considerable emotional stress. Generally, many people delay seeking specialized help until they experience they are in the limit of their capability to cope.

As a result, when they first start looking, many find the decision-making procedure overwhelming.

Too often many people simply select a name away of a phone book and commence dealing with someone without making an effort to learn more on the subject of the individual they are entrusting with their healing up process and mental health.

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While many people experience uncomfortable with or intimidated by the thought of interviewing a therapist, this is unnecessary. Generally, in most other areas of existence, we interview many people before employing them, and there is absolutely no good reason to create an exception when the task to be achieved is personal therapy.

If anything, finding a good fit among therapist and client is normally more crucial than in various other professional relationships even.

In many cases, counselors and therapists provide a short brief consultation by phone or personally, to help you both to determine if both of you is a good match for every other.

Professional Training

Those that practice counseling or treatment method will come from a number of backgrounds. Clinical social workers, family and marriage therapists, scientific psychologists, and psychiatrists are various types of training that those that provide therapy may have.

It is ideal to seek advice from with somebody who has a solid professional history and is accountable to a disciplinary university.

People often ask me personally about which type of history is “best.” Through encounter – both my very own and whatever clients have distributed to me, I’ve come to think that most cases this discipline the individual originates from is much less important than whom the average person is, and how she or he works in actual practice.

The one exception to the is if consultation is necessary regarding medications. If you want to seek an evaluation regarding make use of medications, generally this should be done by a psychiatrist.

Many psychiatrists, however , usually do not offer psychotherapy and counseling. This varies – a few of them do. In case you are searching for psychiatric assistance, it’ll be vital that you ask this relevant question.

In many cases, those seeking both medication and treatment method will seek advice from with both a therapist and a psychiatrist.


Does the therapist have abilities, knowledge, and experience with regards to your main regions of concern?

Many therapists shall be in a position to identify what their main regions of expertise include.

No one can be a specialist on all plain things, and it is possible that there surely is no “expert” relating to your issue, in your town. Or, that when there is, they do not feel just like a good match for you personally otherwise.