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The athletes agree: archery is better when you are part of a team. In 1988, the team archery competition made its appearance at the Olympic Games. The teams were then made up of three archers all men, or all women and that would only change in 2020 when the mixed double competition made its debut at the Olympic Games. In case of the combat archery tag singapore this is important.

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Each member of the team works in turn, taking their places in turn on the launch pad. The first, second and third each shoots two arrows per end, usually each in turn, particularly during a final. Team competition offers an additional medal, it is fun, but it also represents a challenge, because time management can be decisive; it brings camaraderie in an individual sport by nature. Here are the reasons why some of the best archers in the world think team competition is important.


Winning individual matches brings self-esteem, pride and satisfaction, but when you win as a team, it means you have worked together with someone else to succeed. It means that we are committed to achieving the same goal, to understand and support others, said world champion and team Olympic gold medalist Kim Woojin.

Sometimes teams of very good people do not get good results, and this is probably due to the fact that they cannot work as a team. To win as a team you have to work together constantly, believe in each other and encourage each other when things don’t go as planned.

It’s a sport where you grow and improve individually, but when you do it as a team, you prove that things work better when people look in the same direction and progress together. If a team can do this, then it is a successful team.

Ensure Your Back

Most archers have said that having someone else to rely on is a big difference, and that’s the best thing about team competition versus individual competition. He’s someone who helps out when you have a bad shot, and also someone who pushes forward when you get good results, says Mackenzie Brown.

It would be a very lonely sport without team competitions. Others can give information about the wind, give advice on where to aim and how to shoot, things you can’t do when you shoot alone. They ensure your rear.

The Spirit

Gathering the team, creating links and having a good team spirit is what you focus on. The secret is to associate the right personalities, and it’s not easy: You really have to find the right combination of people who can work well together. A good team is a team that makes sure each member has confidence in them and feels that they are trusted.

A Leader

One of the best compound bow archers, who have spent 1033 days at the top of the world hierarchy, says leading a team is a valuable skill to learn. We learn how to identify errors, how to correct them and if there is something we need to improve, and this also applies to our teammates but also to step aside and let someone else take control if you don’t do well. The confidence you gain from doing this is what really improves our results.

The Time Challenge

You have two minutes to shoot six arrows and everyone on the team has to prepare their own shot. This means that each member of the team has a maximum of 20 seconds to shoot, which represents a real challenge.