Fine Quality of Make Up As Per Your Requirement Now

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As a final touch to the make-up of the eyes, the mascara makes it possible to lengthen the eyelashes while curling them ad infinitum. For this makeup product to enhance the look, you have to know how to apply it correctly. Too much mascara may indeed weigh down the eyes due to the package effect. Also, to help you, a professional makeup artist video books the best tip for applying mascara. Demonstration in this make-up tutorial.

Luscious lips

Cosmetic surgery is not always useful in order to have luscious lips. It only takes a few sets of makeup to get a nice, fleshy red mouth. Like all girls in dreams, here is a video where a professional makeup artist reveals her secret to make lips plump. Instead of making the lips suffer from a scalpel, it is better to pamper him with a lip pencil, a lipstick and a gloss. Thanks to these beauty products, your mouth is fleshy and sublimely captivating. With the right make up tips you can have the best choices now.

Brown eye makeup

Each eye color has its own makeup. If blue eyes can do anything, it is different when it comes to brown eyes. The enhancement of the hazelnut look is quite delicate, especially in the choice of suitable colors. In order to avoid any error and not to miss your makeup, the rule is to favor shades of purple. However, ban light colors. A professional makeup artist gives you expert advice on how to successfully make up your brown eyes. You can also learn by video.

The duration of the lipstick

Putting on a lipstick is easier than keeping it longer. This lip makeup may fade at any time. Fortunately, the solution exists to prolong the hold of the lipstick. A professional makeup artist shows you the technique to keep the lipstick longer. With a stroke of red pencil, lipstick and powder, your lips will remain sublime all day long.

Video demonstration

Whether you have sensitive, oily, dry or combination skin, it is essential to prepare your skin for makeup using a good care routine, adapted to your needs: “To help acne-prone skin, for example, the routine will help to erase and soothe the inflammations ” specifies Manon Poivre, make-up artist. But be careful not to dry your skin, on the pretext that you have blackheads: “People who have oily skin prone to acne, often make the mistake of mattifying their face too much. As a result, the skin creates an excess of sebum in abundance to fill its lack of hydration “. To avoid this, Manon Poivre recommends starting with a moisturizing primer, then a mattifier, ideally without silicone to avoid the proliferation of pimples. It is mainly applied to the T area of ​​the face where one tends to shine.

make up tips

Just follow the tips illustrated in the videos in this playlist. Experts give their advice and tips for the choice and application of foundation, eyeshadow, blush or eyeliner. Also, discover the right gestures to enlarge the look or make the lips appear fuller. Good viewing. There are so many ways to make up. These are do-it-yourself makeup techniques.