Fortune Telling and How Can You Make the Best Out It

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Each color of the rainbow has its own unique meaning. Therefore, the shades that you attract into your life will be able to give a hint about your personality and even predict the future. The color corresponding to your zodiac sign, colors omens in dreams, superstition around color and meaning in other cultures all this will help to understand how this or that shade affects your personal world. For the use of the voyance par telephone you will have the choices also.

Each color contains electromagnetic energy. It is believed that our brain and the endocrine system absorb it and inspire certain feelings or actions although scientists still do not know how this phenomenon works. This effect, for example, is vividly illustrated by our various reactions to warm and cold colors.

Red, orange, and yellow are known as warm because they are associated with a flame or the sun. They cause a feeling of comfort and happiness, but can also produce a suppressive effect, increase adrenaline rush, and rekindle anger.

An almost infinite number of colors can be created by mixing two or more colors on a color wheel with each other in various proportions or adding black, white, gray. This way they get shades that in psychology have their own unique sound that provokes us to certain emotions, associations and reactions. Here are just a few examples:

  • Ruddy – a sense of security
  • Hue bubblegum – youth
  • Pink is love
  • Rose – Femininity
  • Orchid – Indecision
  • Salmon – timidity
  • Purple is Passion
  • Cherry – cheerfulness
  • Fuchsia – veracity
  • Tomato – sacrifice.

What does red say about a person?

You freely share your feelings and opinions. Often act without much forethought, but this determination comes from a deep desire to succeed. You rarely procrastinate and be lazy. Lovers of red, as a rule, have tremendous physical strength, an unlimited supply of energy and an interest in life. When you are friends and family, you are known as a pioneer: you are always looking for adventure, not afraid to try new things and stand out from others.

Red fans are most successful in finance, consulting, or property management. The characteristics that best describe the red personality are: assertive, competitive, decisive, extrovert, impatient, impulsive, tense, optimistic, passionate, and spontaneous.

What does a dislike of red say about a person?

As we said, red is a high-energy color, and if you do not like or avoid it, it may mean that you are stressed or need peace and tranquility. You may not have enough self-confidence, you are afraid of confrontation, controversy, or anger.

It is believed that divination on the cards originates from the Tarot, which is still very popular today. The minus of divination on the Tarot cards was their difficulty for the layman, so over time, to please the public, the Tarot changed and turned into a deck of ordinary playing cards. Naturally, because of its simplicity, divination on playing cards became the most common and popular.

Last Words

voyance par telephone

You can guess on the cards yourself, but for this, you need to know about the special requirements for cards. Fortunetellers argue that fortunetelling requires a new deck of cards, and only those who divine and predict can touch it. An exception to the rule is possible only when a person who comes up for fortune-telling on cards needs to move the deck or select several cards themselves. If you are fortunetellers with this deck, then you can no longer play it, then fortunetelling on these cards may be wrong.