Greater Options for the Best Scrapbooks Now

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It is important to leave enough room between your texts and your photos. Your page will be more enjoyable to watch. Also pay attention to the size of your font, ensuring the readability of your text. It must never hide or encroach on photos, it must have the same font and the same color for perfect harmony. With the craft die cuts this whole process is essential here. This is where you need to have the best deals now for making the scrapbook. Making the scrapbook is essential now happens to be a very important task and that is the reason that you need to be specific for the same now. However, you need a concrete planning for the entire process.

If you do not have enough space on one page, you can choose a larger size for your scrapbook or reserve a special page for the text. scrapbook provides you with various decorative elements and clipart so you can air and beautify the pages of your scrapbook. Be sure that you need to be specific for the same and that is the reason this is important now.

Creating the design and background of your scrapbook

craft die cuts

The scrapbook Configurator tools help you select the right design, arrange pages, and choose the right background for your scrapbook. For more creativity, you can perfectly replace, delete or copy the elements as you see fit.

The design must be adapted to the theme of the book. The retro design is particularly suited to family chronicles, the theme of summer to travel. You can also choose a background color and define the other graphic elements (font color, Clipart, etc.). The field of possibilities will be even larger!

Here are some tips:

  • Neutral shades such as black, white or gray make your photos stand out.
  • You can create the cover of your scrapbook using a color gradient – this process gives a great effect on time-lapse scrapbooks.
  • You can “crop” photos in portrait or landscape format. Or cut out a picture as a puzzle, which you then recreate visually leaving a little space between each piece.
  • You can use a whole page for, particularly beautiful and good photos.
  • Use a low-contrast photo for the background of your scrapbook page and highlight photos that are rich in detail.
  • Be inspired by wedding magazines, fashion magazines or photography books. They are all created by design pros.
  • A photo album is designed for a very short time and is a great gift. A photo album is designed for a very short time and is a great gift.

Creating a unique cover for your scrapbook

Give free rein to your imagination when creating the cover of your scrapbook. The pros have unveiled these tips and tricks for the cover of your scrapbook:


Choose a large photo, reflecting the chosen theme. Insert detailed views or an interesting blur / net contrast.Look for an original photo: it will make you want to know more by revealing the theme, but without saying too much. For even more tips and pro tips, check out our guides to create a wedding scrapbook or find out how to find the perfect title for your scrapbook.