Miter Saws – All that you need to know

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Compound miter saws are also known as “bench miters” which cuts more than simple angle has a lot of uses and applications In the workshop quickly cross cutting that really makes simple cutting and saves the time during woodworking projects. Let us look at all this about the best compound miter saw in detail.

Best sliding compound miter saw features:

LIKITA LS one zero one six al tenant You will slide compound miter saw with laser key features powerful 15.0 and direct drive motor delivers 3200RPM compact design with a parented of feel rail sliding system largest crown modelling cutting capacity soft start features for smooth start ups electronic speed control replaceble. MAKITA LS10161 10-inch dual slide compound miter saw with laser stainless scale miter features can blade 2.2 pound product dimensions twenty eight point three by twenty five point two by twenty six point four inches they are wall vws7-8-012 inch double equal squad.

best compound miter saw

Tips and tricks of using compound miter saw:

If you want to enjoy the full advantages of a compound miter saw then you must learn to handle the machine like a pro different types of compound miter saws has their unique quantities. there is a need to keep a close eye on the varies considerations of safety and the quality and performance although these machines are great for crown molding.

If you use clumsily the compound miter saw is very dangerous.

Let the saw attain the maximum speed before cutting whether you are making a miter cut ,a bavel cut or a compound cut it is important to let the blade attain its maximum speed of revolutions before lowering the piece of lumber.

Use a clamber for holding the lumber into place the risk of accideents is always higher for carpenters their bare hands to hold the table while the work is in the progress the clamp is important in two ways secondly the clamp is meant to protect your hands.

Confirm the angle adjustment before cutting with the machine sometimes carpenters missout on the required angles bavel and compound cuts.

Why you need this compound miter saw?

It can quickly create bevels at any angle.sliding compound sas have all the versatility of compound miter the advantage is any length can cut this compound miter saw. Dual compound miter saws acts like compound miter saws but the compound miter saws slides only one side and the dual compound miter slides both the left and right sides.

Difference between compound saw and miter saw:

A miter saw is a specialised to cut variety of angles for compound miter saw any project requires angle cuts.the sliding saws moves the backward and forward.


The compond miter saws are very acuurate and also increased cutting versatility the disadvantage is limited for cutting for thick materials and this is extremely durable if your budget allows you to buy best this miter saw definitely on the list.dress appropriately before handling the compound miter saw do not operate the machine while drunk of feeling confused during cutting process you should wear eye glasses.