Still, people are working on their project as a single worker. Do they need any help from other workers?

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We could see some artist would hold their brush using just two fingers, and they would never make mistakes in their painting. This could not be done easier by all people, even some artists. And to make this method of handling the brush while drawing, the only thing you should do is to make your hands stronger. When it becomes strong and flexible, you could hold upon the brushes as like the artist. Only when your hand under control you could able to get better and fine shape in your art. Even artists are not talented without experiencing the work. People should always focus intentionally on their visual sense.

Art Jamming

How important is a team to finish the project? Relation in Art Jamming  and team building.

When a person works as a single man, he will take more than an hour or maybe a day to complete his work. And in between the job, if he faces any family issues or any other tension, there will be no other persons to work for him. By this, both the owner and the worker would get affected. To avoid a situation, it is better to have a team with you. In case you cannot be able to work on your project, your team members would finish the work without any pressure and tension. And when it comes to a team, they will be motivation among the workers if any people got tired or else not interested in their work. When people get together, there will be many designs, and creativity will rise within the team. Teamwork needs not any limitations like only be capable of construction works and business works. It can also be useful for art jamming. While conducting the workshop, the participants are said to be work united and to create their team for future projects. And this could be a correct platform for choosing their teammates.

After choosing your favourite workers, then if you have already known about their lifestyle or working knowledge, you should ask them to make an intro to other people who would know about the person. Introducing themselves can be done under two processes like standing in front of other teammates and talking about their pathway or else ask them to write about the workers personal activities using slam books, or else using a paper. Most of the hard workers do not express their feelings to another person. And when the level of storage is increased, sometimes they cannot be able to manage their tensions.

Difference between the team manager and the team leader.

Always a worker should work under their leader and each person should obey leader’s words, because if any problem arises between work, they should try to solve out the issue as sooner, how long the problem lengthens think that you are wasting your time. Still, if you do not have any ideas by trying advice from the team manager, he could give additional advice or else he will try to change the problematic person from the team by replacing a new one.