The Choice of the Best Designs for the Website

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Depending on which region you live in is a very important and often well-paid area of ​​expertise, here the Graphic Designer is responsible for creating prints, whether exclusive or tailored prints and in many cases licensed product prints Marvel, Warner, Disney, etc. The most commonly used software is Corel or Illustrator and Photoshop. The award winning websites come from the best designs.

Promotional Design

This is the area with the most emphasis on commercials. Here is the Designer that acts most in the creation of ads, flyers, folders and etc. It is the design aimed at promoting the company, its products and or services. The most commonly used software is Corel or Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign.

Environmental Design

All the indicative and informative communication part that is fixed in place, signs, front lights, backlights, signs, even as the bathroom door figures should be. The most commonly used software is Corel or Illustrator and Photoshop.

award winning websites

Editorial Design

This is the area of ​​publishing, every kind of product you have a large number of pages, text and photos. The Editorial Designer is the guy who creates and publishers’ books, magazines, catalogs, newsletters, newspapers and etc. The most suitable software is InDesign and knowledge of Photoshop and Vector Software.

Web Design

Well, this is self-explanatory today, but the area of ​​Web Design is on the rise today, the demand for visual portals only grows and will grow more every day. Even more than currently there are several frameworks practical development systems like WordPress. Web designers need to have good logical thinking and organization because they need to understand HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, JavaScript, Action Script. The most used software is Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash and others.

3d Design

It is another area that is expanding largely due to the growth of the games and advertising market. Creating worlds, characters and even 3D products is the most of the 3D Designer. The most used software is Maya, 3D Max, 3D Mode and even with Sketch up Pro with V-ray you can work in this area.

UI or UX Design

This is a new area, mainly focused on mobile application development. This guy will develop the face of the application i.e. the UI designer (UI) and will also do usability testing to improve user experience (UX). There are of course other areas or sub-areas, but these are the best known in the market today. Continue reading that has more on the subject on the next page

If there is a profession that enables the professional to find various job options, this is a Graphic Designer. But it is not enough to have the necessary qualifications to achieve career success. It has to stand out in this crowded market. For this, some tips are essential for you to become an expert on the subject.

Collect Design.

Save all sorts of advertising material you find. These will be examples that you should refer to in the future, even as a source of inspiration. Access relevant design content and learn new techniques and trends. It is important to stay current on what’s up in the market.

Have tutorials.

Be sure to look for tutorials on the various programs you will use during your career. They are sources for you to learn about the many existing resources.