What Kind of Engagement Ring Choices You Can Make

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Before you even begin your research, you must know the likes of your partner. Is it classic, vintage, modern? Be interested in what she looks in magazines or on the Internet; it will be a great help to you. Another thing: why not ask for the advice of his best friend? This will certainly guide you in the right direction as marriage is often a topic of popular conversation between girls. When you got to buy engagement rings .

The Style of Life

If your partner works a lot of her hands, such as a hairdresser or a nurse, avoid choosing a raised stone ring because it can be hung very often. In addition, if your partner is sporty, choose a simple design or a wider ring for better durability. On the other hand, a rather feminine person or a person with a typical office job can more easily wear a ring with a lot of detail and presence.

The Choice of Metal

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The most frequently chosen metal for the engagement ring is gold. Depending on the taste of your spouse, you can choose from 3 colors white gold, yellow gold and rose gold, the latter having increased in popularity in the last year. The purity of gold generally recommended is 14KT (Karat) for yellow gold and rose gold. For an optimal shade of white, the purity recommended for a white gold ring is 19KT. Warning: an urban legend dictates that the larger the Karat number, the softer the metal. It’s wrong. The Karat number is strictly a measure of metal purity that is used to determine the number of fused gold particles with 1 or 2 alloys.

Platinum is also a coveted metal due to its silver color and hardness. By cons, it should be noted that it is more expensive than gold.

The Choice of Stone

Although colored stones, such as sapphire, emerald, are gaining popularity lately, the traditional gemstone for the engagement ring remains the diamond. There are 4 important criteria, called ” The 4 C’s ” in English that determine the value of a diamond.

First, the size, ”Cut”, that is to say, the quality of the cut. The better the size, the more the light will be reflected like a mirror in the diamond, and the more brilliant it will be. The diamond can be cut in many different ways, the most popular being the round shape and the princess shape.

Then the color, ”Color” The color scale notes the diamonds with letters from D to Z, from colorless to yellow. The colors from D to I are the most recommended to get the desired classic white diamond look.

Purity, ” Clarity ”, is measured according to the inclusions in the diamond. Indeed, a diamond without any inclusion will be declared FL for ” Flawless ”, the highest level of purity and therefore of great value. For an average budget, the expert recommends purity between SI1 and I1. Finally, the weight ”Carat”, the .25CT diamond, 25 points, is the most popular choice for an engagement ring, which is equivalent to 0.05 grams.