Why Wall Decals Are Gaining Popularity

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Wall decals have been gaining popularity for some time now. They can turn a plain wall into something very attractive. Your cherished memories could also be converted into a large wall decal. You can also find readymade large wall decals on Joom.com .

Large wall decals add a special element to the environment without you having to purchase a sculpture or any decorative item. People are always looking for new ways to decorate a room and it could be really challenging for someone who is new. That’s why wall decals are becoming famous. They allow you to create a theme in your room which could be changed later on with ease. Wall decals could completely change the look of your room and make it appear bright and beautiful.


How to apply Wall Decals

Wall decals are available in a variety of styles and designs. You can almost find one for every kind of purpose or room. They are also very easy to apply on walls.

Steps to apply the wall decals

  1. You first need to select a place where you want to apply the decal on. Make sure to check that the decal matches the surroundings.
  2. Now you have to clean the wall. Cleaning the wall is very important as any dust left could make the decal not stick properly onto the wall. You can use a sponge or towel to clean the dirt first. The wall needs to be dry before applying the decal.
  3. Before applying the decal make sure to take proper measurements and adjust the decal levels accordingly.
  4. After you have applied the decal, remove the paper backing the decal has on its face.

Large wall decals act as a statement for your room. Some of the famous decals include stone, windows and brick designs. Decals make your room appear sophisticated. There is a decal available for almost every category, let it be architectural, flora and fauna, cartoon or inspirational quotes. These decals could help change your room into any theme you want.

Decals are especially helpful when you want to change the theme of your child’s room. Decals are also available in a reusable form. If you don’t like a place where you have applied the decal then you could remove and apply it to another space.

Wall decals are especially famous amongst people who rent places as they could apply decals without damaging the walls. You can also remove it with ease. Decals can also be used by businesses as a way of branding and advertising their business.

Wall decals are also durable and won’t tear easily. The decals also don’t fade which means they would appear the same even after a few years of applying them. Unlike posters that could tear and fade easily, wall decals are worth every money spent on.


Wall decals are something that could completely change your room and make it instantly appear cheerful. Not only are they easy to apply but they are easy to remove too without causing any damage to the wall. The wall decals could also be customized according to your needs.